GIS Strategic Planning

Help clients explore new ways to leverage GIS technology in order to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and improve customer service to their constituents and clients.

  • Review of existing systems, processes, or workflows
  • Recommendations that provide direction to achieve goals and meet needs
  • Evaluation of alternatives

GIS Data Design and Development

Provide GIS database design and development. REGIS Connect will help plan and implement a centralized and secured GIS database, consisting of various geospatial data from the departments in the client city and allowing for data sharing among departments.

  • Data Specification Development
  • Geodatabase Design
  • GIS Data Inventory Assessment
  • Data Conversion and Migration
  • Data Maintenance & Data Integration
  • Quality Control

Application Development

Design, develop and deploy complete, customized, enterprise-wide, and user-friendly GIS applications including web GIS, desktop GIS, departmental intranet or public GIS solutions, and mobile or field data collection applications, as well as programs to automate work processes.

  • Web GIS
  • Desktop GIS
  • Departmental intranet or public GIS Applications
  • Mobile Applications on Multiple Platforms
  • GPS Field Data Collection Applications
  • ArcGIS for Server and ArcGIS Online Web Application Development


Provide comprehensive, hands-on training and support in GIS software including ESRI’s complete platform - ArcGIS for Desktop and Extensions, Server, ArcSDE, Mobile, and ArcPad, GPS data collection using GPS hand-held units and devices, data conversion and integration, and in the customized applications that REGIS Connect develops for clients.

  • ESRI’s ArcGIS for Desktop and Extensions
  • ArcGIS for Server and ArcSDE
  • ArcGIS for Mobile and ArcPad for field data collection
  • Developed custom applications for client
  • Technical and Software Training and Support

GIS Project Management

Provide all levels of project management including assessing needs, scheduling tasks, progress monitoring and organizing deliverables in order to ensure that products and solutions are delivered on schedule and on budget.

  • Needs Assessment
  • Project Implementation Plan
  • Workflow Strategy Development

GPS Data Collection

REGIS Connect has extensive experience in GPS data collection using (Trimble and Apple iPad) GPS hand-held units and devices to collect data in the field, and will translate that information into meaningful and reliable GIS data layers that can be stored in an enterprise GIS database.

  • Street Lights
  • Street Traffic Signs and Signals
  • Sidewalk Repair Locations
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Storm Drain Catch Basins
  • Irrigation and Landscape Assets
  • Address Points

Customized Map Production

Design and create customized mapping products to support each of the departmental needs of the client city or organization, as well as to the public, including customized electronic or hardcopy maps and map books.

  • Public Safety Map Books and Block Plans
  • Street Atlas Map
  • Facilities Locations Map
  • Parks and Recreation Map
  • Administrative Boundaries Map
  • Inspection Areas Map
  • School Locations and School Districts Map
  • Parcel Basemap


Here at REGIS Connect, we always have a lot of new and interesting projects and applications under construction. We couldn't possibly fit them all here but we do want to show you a few.

My Community, Web Application

My Community is a web application that city residents can use to get information about their respective properties. This information can range from school districts to their trash day. 

This application allows residents to turn a basic property map viewer into a property information report that can be viewed and printed.


Public Safety Dashboard

The public safety dashboard allows city residents to view incidents occurring within their city and provides them with the tools needed to create a big picture view of what is happening within their local Fire or Police Dept.

This application allows for increased transparency, as well as more effective communication. It is a tool that can be used in local government's continuing efforts to engage residents. 


Major Projects Story Map

This story map shows approved private and public projects. The map serves many useful purposes, from allowing residents to easily determine the status of local development projects, to showcasing the business friendly environment within the City to potential incoming developers. Included projects are categorized as either Sustainability, Developer Driven, or City Project, to help viewers of all types easily search for projects that are relevant or interesting to them.