Who We Are

Rancho Cucamonga Enterprise GIS (REGIS) Connect represents the Department of Innovation & Technology in the City of Rancho Cucamonga. This talented team of professionals bring extensive expertise in GIS technology and an intimate understanding of local government service delivery. REGIS is a full-service enterprise GIS service provider, providing a full range of GIS mapping and support services to all City departments. With the full support of the City, REGIS Connect will leverage the Department of Innovation & Technology's resources to fulfill the needs and requirements of clients in order to ensure project success and a clear return on investment. 

Just some of our support services include: GIS project management and strategic planning; GIS data design and development; Global Positioning System (GPS) data collection; data analysis; application development; customized map production; and technical and software training and support.

We leverage GIS technology to serve and support all of your GIS mapping needs. Our goal is to ensure that GIS can be used as an invaluable management and decision-making tool to provide timely and accurate information. We will provide tailored products and services to meet the individual needs of your client organization or department.

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We have developed a healthy partnership with our friends in GIS...understanding each other’s capabilities and needs from an end user perspective has been key. A few hours in each other’s world such as spending time with the GIS Department, at GIS Conferences, on a fire ride-along or even on an emergency incident has allowed us to take it to the next level.
— Mike Costello, Fire Chief - Rancho Cucamonga Fire Protection District

What We've Achieved

 REGIS receiving the Presidents Award (2014)

REGIS receiving the Presidents Award (2014)

REGIS Connect is an ESRI business partner, and one of ESRI’s earliest customers. In 2014, REGIS was awarded the prestigious President’s Award in GIS by ESRI for REGIS’ vision, leadership, hard work, and innovative use of GIS technology to serve its citizens.

In addition to this great achievement, in 2010, REGIS was awarded the Special Achievement in GIS Award by ESRI.